Dental Travel is the combination of affordable dental treatments and a stunning holiday. You can save up to 70% for your dental treatments in Turkey while you enjoy your holiday in Turkey.


It depends on the treatment you are planning. For Cosmetic Treatments like Dental Veneers in Turkey and Dental Crowns in Turkey we need 5 full days to complete your treatment. You can get more information about dental treatments by getting free quote.
When it comes to tourism, one cannot deny the preference for Turkey. Yes, Turkey counts the top 10 tourism destinations across the world. With its tempting manifestation of this exotic blend of Europe and Asia, Turkey presents astounding vision of culture, history, archeology, magnificent panorama, and blue flag beaches. Travel for Vacations or Dental Care? So, are you bewildered between investing in dental care or holiday plan? You might be thinking to invest in your smile first, since it is your everyday need. It means you will have to compromise your holiday-plan, since dental care will not leave you with enough money for vacation. Don’t worry; you just need to travel to Turkey. Let’s call it dental holiday to Turkey at significant competitive pricing.

Why Turkey?

Turkey is certainly among the top 7 medical tourism destinations of the world. Are you willing to pay over £1000 for mere veneers or £30,000 for getting a typical Hollywood smile? Certainly not! Turkey is for sure the best choice for dental travel abroad. Premium Dental Turkey offers high standard dental services, at competitive pricing than the Western Europe and United States. If you have intentions of vacations, we provide an enchanting environment with the state of art technology in dentistry. Turkey has definitely made dental care affordable that motivates people to travel from abroad for treatment. They secure pride in alleviating your pain and distress with modernized dentistry. Your plan to visit Turkey for dental care is going to be the most thrilling experience of your life.

Dental Travel Turkey

Premium Dental Turkey has state-of-the-art clinics scattered throughout the coast of the western Mediterranean. We offer the best facilities to patients travelling to Turkey to receive dental treatment. You could enjoy a wonderful holiday while also getting the necessary treatment. 

Why Travel All the Way to Turkey for Dental Treatment?

We mainly offer unbeatable treatment plans to patients located in Western Europe, US, and Australia, where even the smallest dental procedure could rack up a fortune. In Turkey, operational costs for running dental clinics are much lower. Therefore, our patients can benefit from the highest quality European medical treatment without the eye-watering costs attached.
We will help keep the overall costs of procedures as low as possible. You can save thousands of dollars, pounds or Euros at one of our clinics, even with travel costs combined. Our rates are particularly advantageous to patients seeking cosmetic dental treatments that may require premium-grade dental products. The same procedures could cost tens of thousands elsewhere in Europe or North America. Premium Dental Turkey can assist you in obtaining the same branded treatment without breaking the bank.
What’s more, you can also enjoy a great holiday while undergoing treatment. Dental procedures, understandably, are worrisome to most patients. However, you’ll be able to keep the anxiety away while vacationing in Turkey.

Arranging Your Dental Holiday in Turkey

Visiting Turkey and consulting at one of our clinics is easy. You can arrange the holiday in advance and call us to book an appointment with a dental specialist on a convenient day. If you are not sure how to make arrangements, we can always provide assistance. Premium Dental Turkey has a team of patient coordinators experienced in making travel arrangements. We will help you find low-cost flights to cities in Turkey where our clinics are located. Once we find budget flights, we email you the details so you can make an online booking without delay. (Unfortunately, we are unable to book the flights on your behalf due to security reasons. We cannot accept credit or debit card information over the phone to finalise the booking for you).
Don’t worry about running into trouble when making the online booking; our patient coordinators can walk you through the process. We will handle the more troublesome aspects of planning international travel. We also offer free VIP airport transfer, Upon arrival, you will have a driver waiting at the arrivals terminal to take you to your holiday resort or vacation rental.
We are committed to making your visit to Turkey as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. If you require assistance when booking holiday accommodation, use one of our recommendations. Our clinic is affiliated with a variety of vacation accommodation facilities in Turkey. We can help you book the accommodation of your preference, whether it is a luxury hotel or a budget resort. Depending on your inclinations, our patient coordinators will help you pick out suitable accommodation and make reservations on your behalf. You can pay upon arrival.
We do not charge a service fee or a commission for any travel-related service we offer. Your payment will be made directly to the hotel.

Receiving Your Dental Treatment in Turkey

You can consult with our patient coordinators or one of our dentists to learn how long your dental treatment will take, in order for you to make vacation plans in advance. Most treatments take 5 days which includes 3 appointments at the clinic.  Some patients prefer to stay longer to benefit from post-treatment care. You can decide how long you want to stay with advice from your dentist.
Once you arrive in Turkey, you will be transferred to your holiday accommodation. You can sleep off the jet lag and come in for a consultation afterwards. Once the preliminary consultation is complete, your dentist will proceed with your treatment right away. Uncomplicated treatments like professional tooth whitening can be completed on the same day. Cosmetic Procedures like Dental Crowns or Dental Veneers in Turkey take 5 days. If you require surgical treatments, such as implants, you will need to visit Turkey twice or thrice depending on your condition.
We assure you that your stay in Turkey will be free of unwanted hassle regarding the treatment. You can enjoy your holiday while our expert team of dentists, specialists, and support personnel take care of your medical needs.

What to Do in Turkey

Turkey is located in the southernmost part of the European continent where Western Asia meets Eastern Europe. Turkey has a vibrant and diverse culture thanks to its rich history and strategic location on trade routes between Asia and Europe. There are plenty of places to explore in Turkey for interested travellers. There are magnificent historical sites, popular beaches, mouth-watering local cuisine and plenty of shopping areas where you could pick up souvenirs. Turkish people are also very welcoming and friendly. You can enjoy a grand time in Turkey by planning your stay in advance.
Turkey is perfectly safe to travel around in with small children. Family holidaying is common in the country and most locals also frequent various attractions with their families. You can enjoy Turkey regardless of your age. There are plenty of places to visit for solo travellers, elderly vacationers, and couples.
Turkey’s best-known attractions are its historical sites and beaches. We have over 400 blue flag beaches, the second highest in fifty countries in the area. The Turkish Rivera is second to none. You can enjoy your stay sunbathing on white gold beaches and swim in clear turquoise waters. The gorgeous scenery will instantly relax you. If you are the adventurous type, there are plenty of watersports offers on many beaches, including diving and snorkelling. You can go sea kayaking or yachting if you want to be adventurous. You don’t have to worry about seasons either. Turkey enjoys sunshine for the majority of the year. Our summers are hot and winters are rather mild.
When you are not swimming or sunbathing, you can tour the many historical sites in Turkey dating back to the Ottoman and Roman Empires. Turkey was once part of the famous Silk Road and remnants from the period can be found throughout the country. There are plenty of stunning Greek monuments to take a tour of in the Mediterranean parts of the country as well. Two of the “seven wonder of the world”, the Temple of Artemis and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus are located in Turkey. If you are a history buff, you will not be disappointed if you visit Turkey.
There are plenty of other activities to enjoy, such as golf day tours, jeep safaris, biking, and horse riding in the historical steppes. Adventure sports like paragliding are available nearly all year round in coastal areas. If you venture inland, you could enjoy the beautiful mountainous forests and participate in activities like white-water rafting.
For those who love shopping, visit shopping areas for authentic Turkish items like rugs, carpets, and furniture. You can buy clothing and accessories for surprisingly low prices at town bazaars. Some gentle haggling can bring down prices further. Turkey’s street stalls infamously sell knockoffs of designer brands too. You can shop and venture into various cities to enjoy local cuisine. The best Turkish delight is found in Turkey!
Of course, if you prefer staying in, you could just relax in your hotel and enjoy its amenities. Most hotels offer plenty of options to pamper yourself with, such as saunas and hot tubs. Don’t forget to try out the traditional Turkish baths, which most hotels offer.
You will never run out of things to do in Turkey while you receive dental treatment. Give us a call or email us if you have questions about a prospective medical vacation.

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Antalya is the tourism capital of Europe that has the most of the blue flags in the world, with its 200 crystal clear breath taking beaches.

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You'll find that many of the hotels in Antalya face out onto one of the area's biggest draws: the warm turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Antalya is home to a large number of ancient cities from various civilisations throughout history, with some sites dating back to prehistory and palaeolithic eras.

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You can always find direct flights from all European countries to Antalya all year. For cheap flights and holiday packages please contact us.