Dental Treatment Guarantee

A guarantee is a crucial aspect when receiving dental care abroad. A dental guarantee is a sign that you are receiving quality care from a legitimate provider. Premium Dental Turkey is committed to providing the best quality dental care to all our patients. Therefore, we offer all patients a transparent guarantee for products and services we offer. 

Guarantees in the Rare Event of a Treatment Going Wrong

Premium Dental Turkey will reimburse up to €150 for return flight tickets in the event that your procedure fails or does not go ahead as planned. In case of a dental treatment failure, our clinic will reimburse any fees associated with the laboratory and similar costs. We will do our best to rectify the problem. If the dental procedure leaves you requiring corrective treatment, our clinic can pay for such treatment back in your home country. Such cases, however, are very rare at our clinic.

Guarantees for Individual Treatment 

We have established longstanding guarantees since 2010 for each dental procedure performed at our clinic. Read below for each:

Dental Implants 

We offer a lifetime guarantee to the dental implant screw in case of fracturing or breaking. If the implant fails (which only happens in less than 5 percent of global cases), we will replace it free of charge as long as the dental crown guarantee has not expired.

Dental Crowns and Full Veneers 

We guarantee dental crown and veneers against chipping, cement failure, or breakages for 5 years. During this period if the crowns or veneers require composite restoration or re-cementing, our clinic will reimburse the costs in your home country up to £100.

Dental Bridges 

We offer a 5-year guarantee for dental bridges in case of chipping, breaking, or cement failure. Premium Dental Turkey will reimburse for any restorative treatments that you might require during this period.

Dental Lumineers and Dental Laminate Veneers 

We guarantee dental lumineers and dental laminate veneers up to 3 years. If restorative work is needed in case the products break, chip, or need re-cementing, our clinic can reimburse your costs up to £100.

Cosmetic Dentures 

Any cosmetic denture you obtain from us are guaranteed up to 3 years. If repairs are needed in the meantime, we will reimburse such costs up to £30.

Dental Fillings 

Dental filling work we do is guaranteed up to a single year. We will reimburse up to £100 if your fillings need to be restored or re-cemented due to breaking or chipping.

Dental Inlays and Onlays

Our clinic offers a 2-year guarantee to dental inlay and onlay work in the event of breakages, chipping, or cement failure. We will reimburse up to £50 repair faulty dental inlays or onlays during this period. 

Please note that our guarantees do not cover the following treatments: 

Root canal treatment

Dental post procedures

Prior dental work performed at another clinic or by dentists not employed by premium dental clinic

Terms and Conditions

We will reimburse repair or restorative costs for treatments obtained at Premium Dental Turkey or any partner clinics. The guarantees do not cover third-party clinics or dentists unless specifically stated before the treatment commences. Premium Dental Turkey is only a facilitator in your dental care process. Therefore, the clinic will not be liable in case of faulty treatments resulting from the following: 

The guarantee will become invalid or reduced under the following conditions: 

  • When the patient neglects oral hygiene
  • When the patient does not come for a routine dental check-up as scheduled
  • When the patient doesn’t descale and polish applicable products at least once a year (invoice needed)
  • When the patient ignores the dentist’s instructions
  • When the patient doesn’t follow through with full payment
  • When subsequent aftercare treatment is obtained at an affiliated clinic without prior authorisation (except for descale and polish) 
  • When removable dental products such as dentures are not maintained as instructed
  • If bone or gum tissue of the patient recedes
  • If the dental injury or issues are caused as a result of contact sports or similar leisure activities
  • If the dental issues are the result of smoking
  • If the products fail because of accidental physical damage such as by dropping dentures on the floor
  • If you have a recurring medical condition that may not be directly related to your dental health affecting your treatment, our dental surgeon may refer you to a medical professional or a specialist for further testing. Our clinic will not cover the cost of this visit. A dental implant may migrate or move naturally in your mouth due to various conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, epilepsy, chemotherapy, mental disorders, after-condition excessive X-rays, chemotherapy, or similar conditions not related to how the implant is placed. The guarantee will not cover replacing the implant in these situations. Patients are given the option of choosing tooth colour for crowns, veneers, and similar products. If the patient doesn’t like the colour they have chosen later, Premium Dental Turkey will not be responsible and will not reimburse costs. Premium Dental Turkey will not be liable in case a patient’s teeth suffer trauma during bridge or crown treatment (requiring root canal treatment) as a result of conditions not foreseeable or predictable from x-rays and examinations. The guarantee does not cover damage to dental treatments resulting from not wearing gum shields as instructed. Other unrelated factors such as receding gum tissue due to ageing, disease, weight gain or weight loss, are not covered under the guarantee either. Please note that invoices are necessary to cover return flight tickets if the terms and conditions listed above justify so. The reimbursement will only cover the plane tickets and not other costs associated with travel, such as cab fare or train tickets. If you need to see an independent dentist for remedial treatment, your costs will be reimbursed only following a detailed report that indicates a strong need for independent reconstructive work under the framework of the terms and conditions listed above.