Antalya is the capital of dental tourism in Europe. Every year thousands of European tourists prefer to visit Antalya for their holiday and they have every reason for that. Blue flag beaches, 5 star hotels, historical places, night life and of course affordable dental treatments. 


Our English speaker Patient Coordinators and experienced Dental Team will be your assistance through the process. 



Our dental clinic is located in Antalya, Lara which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey. It is surrounded by lots of high end hotels and restaurants. Our clinic itself has sea view so you can even enjoy the stunning Mediterranean Sea during your treatment. We also believe in excellence in customer service and we promise no waiting time during your in the clinic for your treatment. Once you have step into the clinic our experienced and English speaker Patient Coordinators will greet you and your treatment will begin. We also offer return VIP transfer services from your hotel to the clinic for your each appointment to provide you hassle free experience.


We provide the best possible dental care for our patients and it only goes through the technology. We offer X-Rays and Panoramic 3D Scan free of charge in our clinic. We only use the world wide known dental products.


The Premium Dental Turkey Antalya clinic is located close to the picturesque Mediterranean Sea. You can enjoy the sea view while you wait for your dental appointment. Our clinic is staffed with highly- qualified dentists and other professionals. We offer many perks to our visiting patients and you will not have to be concerned about anything related to your treatment.


Antalya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. The city is located by the ocean and has many attractions and activities that tourists can enjoy. Modern Antalya surrounds the old city district of Kaleici, once the seat of Ottomans and Romans. Visiting patients can tour the beaches and historical attractions of Antalya in between the dental appointments. Our staff will help you find accommodation that best suit your budget and preferences.

Antalya is scenic and soothing. It is also cheap. Operating our clinic in Antalya is less costly than elsewhere in Europe. As a result, we can offer our patients from United Kingdom,Australia, U.S., Canada, Germany and other parts of Europe highly affordable rates for the same type of branded dental treatments.


Our clinic is staffed with patients coordinators who speak fluent English. You can converse comfortably in English with the dentists and support staff so that there will be no language barriers hindering your visit. All the medical documents provided will also be in English. You will have easy access to all information in a language you understand.


The travel arrangements you make with Premium Dental Turkey includes VIP airport pickup at no additional cost. When you land in Antalya, you will be greeted at the airport by your driver who will drive you to your hotel or directly to the clinic as needed. Once you have settled in and have slept the jet lag off, the vehicle with the driver will be available to transport you from your accommodation to the clinic for appointments. You can arrive at the clinic for your appointments on time and without a hassle.


There is no waiting time for treatments at our clinic. At most dental clinics, patients have to wait between 4 to 5 hours to receive treatments. At Premium Dental Turkey’s Antalya clinic, you will be taken to your consultation right away. You won’t have to sit around waiting at the clinic, which means more time to enjoy your holiday. While you are at the clinic you will be treated to free drinks and coffee. Snacks will also be available to refresh you after a long day touring. You also have the opportunity to ask our support staff if you require anything else from the clinic.

Dental treatments typically require taking X-rays and 3D tomography to make impressions of teeth for various products. At our Antalya clinic, the X-rays and 3D tomography will be available for free. This will save you the costs of having to take X-rays back in your home country. You could end up saving possibly hundreds of pounds, euros, dollars.


Our clinic is staffed by dental specialists, rather than general dentists. General dentists are not qualified to undertake certain surgical dental procedures like placing implants, sinus lifting, bone grafting, or All- on-4. Your dentist at Antalya will be a highly qualified and trained oral surgeon, a prosthodontist, or a similar specialist. General dentists may sometimes perform cosmetic oral procedures like placing veneers, but we have prosthodontists who are more qualified to perform dental crown and veneer treatments. All our dental specialists are experienced. They will also converse with you in English.

Most other dental service providers employ general dentists. Our specialists are simply better qualified with more training to perform the latest cosmetic dental procedures. They are also knowledgeable about the most recent treatment programs. All our dental specialists are members of the Turkish Dental Association, which licenses dentists according to EU-supported standards.


We use branded materials and products to custom design your dental treatments like veneers, crowns, and implants. We only use FDA-approved dental products with world-class ratings. You can benefit from high-end brands like E.Max, Zirconium , All-on- 4, and many others at Premium Dental Turkey. The products and brands are the same as what you will find in countries like Britain, Canada, Germany, or the U.S. We do not use alternatives to branded products or any low-quality products to keep the costs down. The affordable prices are facilitated by lower operational costs. The dental products we use are of the same quality and are similarly priced as in other countries. If you have a dental brand in mind for your treatment, you can contact our patient coordinators to inquire about obtaining the product at our clinic. Compare our rates to those in your country. Ours is always lower.


Premium Dental Turkey clinic in Antalya is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to assist in procedures. This helps our dentists deliver highly precise and accurate treatments, especially during cosmetic dental surgeries.


Our Antalya clinic staff is well aware of and trained to treat patients with dental fear or phobia. It’s normal to feel some anxiety when you come in for dental treatment. However, some patients experience this fear and anxiety in an extreme form. If you feel unable to go to the dentist due to fear, Premium Dental Turkey can help. Our clinic’s scenic location combined with trained staff can help you alleviate your fear.

We offer practical solutions to deal with dental phobia, starting from informal counselling. Your dentist may recommend general anaesthesia if needed, for certain procedures that you are most afraid of. Your dentist and support staff will be highly accommodating if you are a patient suffering from dental fear. We are here to reassure you. You can inform us in advance if you suffer from dental phobia so we can discuss possible solutions. When you are in Antalya, the beautiful location and lovely beaches will naturally soothe you as well.


Our clinic is staffed with patient coordinators who can help you make travel arrangements if necessary. Patient coordinators can help you find accommodation, book tickets online, and include appointments in your travel itinerary. You can request help and guidance easily if you are a first-time visitor to Turkey. Our clinic is affiliated with tourist service providers in the area. Patients can benefit from year-around availability for accommodations and favourable prices when you book through our clinic. We offer travel arrangement help for free. You don’t have to pay any additional fees for booking a hotel or a flight.


Your treatments at the Antalya clinic would be significantly less costly compared to the same procedures performed in other parts of Europe and North America. For example, getting dental veneers from us would not cost you more than £350. In comparison, standard veneers in the United Kingdom or United States count cost thousands of pounds and dollars. You could compare general rates for treatments online. You can also get a free quote for the treatments you have in mind by submitting a form online. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get free quotes for the treatment programs you have in mind.. You can save thousands of Pounds, Euros or Dollars with Premium Dental Turkey Antalya. Our affordable rates come with high-quality services.