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Dental Implants in Turkey and Prices

If you're considering getting dental implants in Turkey, a common initial inquiry is, “How much are dental implants in Turkey”, However, this question doesn't have a straightforward answer.

Dental Implants Turkey

Looking for a cost-effective and high-quality solution for your dental needs? Look no further than dental implants in Turkey. Renowned for its top-notch dental clinics and experienced professionals, Turkey has become a popular destination for those seeking dental implant treatments. With cheap prices and excellent service, patients can experience all the benefits of dental implants without breaking the bank. From dental implants turkey to teeth implant turkey, tooth implant turkey to implants turkey, you can find a wide range of options tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you require to restore your smile, a single tooth implant or a full mouth implants, you can find competitive prices that make dental implants in Turkey a viable solution for many. By opting for treatment in Turkey, patients can not only save money but also experience the rich culture and warm hospitality that the country has to offer. So, if you're seeking affordable dental implants, Turkey should definitely be on your radar.

Procedure Price in Turkey (GBP) Price in Europe Price in the UK Price in the USA
Dental Implant (Single) £350 - £750 $2,000 - $4,000 £1,500 - £3,000 $2,000 - $4,000
All-on-4 Implants £3,000 - £3,750 $10,000 - $20,000 £8,000 - £15,000 $15,000 - $25,000
Implant-Supported Dentures £2,250 - £3,000 $8,000 - $15,000 £6,000 - £12,000 $10,000 - $18,000
Sinus Lift £500 - £750 $2,500 - $4,000 £800 - £1,500 $1,500 - $3,000
Bone Grafting £250 - £400 $1,500 - $2,500 £400 - £800 $800 - $1,500
Implant Abutment £150 - £200 $800 - $1,200 £250 - £400 $500 - $800
Crown Placement £150 - £200 $800 - $1,200 £250 - £400 $500 - $800
CT Scan £50 - £75 $250 - $500 £80 - £120 $200 - $350
Consultation £0 $250 - $500 £100 - £300 $200 - $350

When it comes to the cost of tooth implants and dental implants Turkey prices, Dental Clinic Turkey offers a significantly more affordable option compared to many Western countries. This cost-effectiveness is one of the primary reasons for its popularity in dental tourism. At Premium Dental Clinic Turkey, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality:

  • MODE® Dental Implant + Abutment: £459
  • NOBEL BIOCARE® Dental Implant + Abutment: £629
  • STRAUMANN® Dental Implant + Abutment: £739

These teeth implant prices are without any discount applied.

dental implant prices in Turkey
full mouth dental implants in Turkey

Is it safe to have dental implants in Turkey?

Dental tourism has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many individuals seeking more affordable options for their dental procedures. Turkey, in particular, has become a hotspot for dental implants. However, one key question arises: is it safe to have dental implants in Turkey? The answer, as you will see, largely depends on the choice of clinic and the dentist's expertise.

Turkey's dental clinics and dentists including Premium Dental Turkey, adhere to stringent international standards, ensuring safety and high-quality care. The clinics are equipped with advanced technology, and the dentists are highly trained, often with international experience. The safety protocols and quality of the procedures are comparable to, and sometimes exceed, those in Western countries.

When considering dental implants in Turkey, safety should be a top priority. Like any medical procedure, there are risks involved, but these risks can be significantly reduced by choosing a reputable clinic and a qualified dentist. Here are some key factors to consider when evaluating the safety of dental implants in Turkey:

Choosing the right clinic

Research the reputation of the dental clinic you're considering. Look for reviews, testimonials, and recommendations from previous patients. Reputable clinics with a track record of successful procedures are more likely to prioritize patient safety.

At Premium Dental Turkey we know the importance of choosing the right clinic for your dental treatments in Turkey. Because of that we prioritize transparency about the qualifications of our Oral Surgeons, the technology we use, materials, implant brands and the prices of your treatments. There is nothing hidden.

We are proud of Premium Dental Turkey's solid reputation, hundreds of positive dental implants in Turkey reviews on Google , over 300 real patient video reviews on our Youtube page and many more!

At Premium Dental Turkey, our commitment to excellence in service and the remarkable success stories of our patients are a source of great pride. When you opt for Premium Dental Turkey, you're not merely undergoing a dental procedure; you're making an investment in top-tier care, absolute peace of mind, and a dedicated team that prioritizes your dental well-being.

Specialized Expertise: Oral Surgeons vs. General Dentists

A critical factor that sets Premium Dental Turkey apart from other clinics is our exclusive reliance on oral surgeons for dental implant procedures. Unlike some clinics that may use general dentists for implant placement, we believe in specialized care. Our oral surgeons have extensive training and experience specifically in the field of implantology, ensuring the highest level of expertise in every procedure.

The Difference Expertise Makes

The difference expertise makes at dental implant treatments in Turkey

The distinction between oral surgeons and general dentists in implantology is significant. Oral surgeons undergo rigorous and specialized training in surgical procedures, including implants. This expertise translates into more accurate implant placement, better handling of complex cases, and a lower risk of complications. At Premium Dental Turkey, every implant procedure is performed by an oral surgeon, guaranteeing that you receive care from a specialist skilled in the latest techniques and practices in dental surgery.

Commitment to Quality in a Competitive Market

In a market where affordability often dictates choices, Premium Dental Turkey stands out by offering a perfect balance of cost-effectiveness and high-quality service. While some clinics may offer lower prices by cutting corners, we maintain our commitment to quality. Our use of top-tier materials, state-of-the-art equipment, and the expertise of oral surgeons ensures that our patients receive the best possible care without overbearing costs.

Dental Implants in Premium Dental Turkey

The Premium Dental Turkey Promise

Our promise to our patients is simple: uncompromised quality at affordable prices. By choosing Premium Dental Turkey, you are opting for a clinic that values your health and satisfaction above all. We provide a level of care and expertise that is unmatched, ensuring that your journey to a perfect smile is safe, comfortable, and successful.

Clinic Accreditation

Verify if the clinic is accredited by relevant dental associations and regulatory bodies. Accreditation often indicates adherence to strict standards and safety protocols.

Again Premium Dental Turkey offer high-quality and affordable dental implants for our patients till 2015. We accredited by Turkish Dental Associate, Turkish Ministry of Health and have Medical Tourism Certificate and ISO9001, our over 600 reviews overall reflect our experience and quality

What are Dental Implants ?

Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental implants are a marvel of modern dentistry, offering a permanent solution to tooth loss. These implants serve as artificial tooth roots, typically crafted from biocompatible materials such as titanium. Surgically placed into the jawbone, they provide a secure foundation for replacement teeth or bridges. At the forefront of delivering this transformative treatment is Premium Dental Turkey.

Why Do I need Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a more effective substitute for dental bridges or dentures. They are titanium screws that can replace missing or decayed tooth. Like dental bridges and dentures, implants can restore smiles and chewing function impaired due to missing or damaged teeth. However, unlike dentures, or dental bridges dental implants are permanent solutions for your missing or damaged teeth. A dental implant to support a dental crown can work very much like a real tooth. If you are looking for reliable and quality alternatives to dental bridges turkey or dentures in order to replace your missing teeth or teeth need to be extracted, dental implants may be the perfect solution for you. You can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth with Dental Implants.

teeth implant Turkey
Dental implant Turkey
Tooth implant Turkey

If you're struggling with traditional dentures or face the prospect of removable ones, or if you simply despise that conspicuous gap in your smile, dental implants are the natural solution. Premium Dental Turkey specializes in making high-quality dental implants accessible. Often considered unaffordable, particularly in regions like the UK, Europe, or the USA, Premium Dental Turkey offers a cost-effective solution that doesn't compromise on materials or expertise.

The confidence in Premium Dental Turkey's services is backed by a substantial track record of over 2000 satisfied patients and a remarkable 400 video reviews, all of which attest to their commitment to excellence.

Dental Implants in Turkey Procedure

Dental implant treatment is a meticulously planned process, and Premium Dental Turkey ensures each step is executed with utmost precision and care. A dental implant is essentially a small titanium screw that takes the place of a missing tooth's root. The choice of titanium is deliberate, as it seamlessly integrates with natural bone, creating a solid foundation for a new dental crown. The end result is a tooth replacement that looks and feels entirely natural.

How many Dental Implants I need ?

Dental Implants in Turkey

We can understand one of the most asked question is: “How many dental implants I need ?”

The number of dental implants necessary varies based on the extent of tooth loss. Premium Dental Turkey's expert dental team tailors each treatment plan to suit individual requirements. As a general guideline, if you're missing all your teeth on both your upper and lower jaws and need full mouth dental implants, the usual approach is to place 6 implants along each jaw, totaling 12 implants. These implants are the foundation for a full set of 24 teeth, with 12 teeth on each jaw.

However, for those with a gap of 3 or 4 missing teeth in the same row, Premium Dental Turkey typically places 2 dental implants—one at each end of the gap. These implants support a 3 or 4 tooth dental implant bridge. In cases where only one tooth is missing, a single dental implant and implant crown are the solution, ensuring a seamless and functional smile.

Full Mouth Implants in Turkey

Full mouth implants, also known as full mouth reconstruction or full arch dental implants, are comprehensive dental procedures designed to restore a patient's entire upper or lower dental arch with a set of new teeth. This transformative treatment is an ideal solution for individuals who have lost most or all of their natural teeth due to various reasons, including decay, gum disease, trauma, or congenital conditions.

Full mouth dental implants in Turkey are gaining popularity as an attractive and cost-effective option for patients seeking to regain their oral function, aesthetics, and confidence. The process typically involves the strategic placement of dental implants in the jawbone, followed by the attachment of a custom-crafted, fixed prosthetic bridge or denture.

Full mouth Dental Implants Turkey

Patients opting for full mouth implants in Turkey can expect a personalized treatment plan, high-quality materials, and access to the latest dental technologies. The result is a fully restored smile that not only functions seamlessly but also enhances one's overall quality of life.

With its winning combination of affordability, expertise, and stunning results, Premium Dental Turkey has become a premier choice for individuals considering full mouth implants to regain their dental health and regain their beautiful smile.

How many implants are used for full mouth dental implants ?

The number of dental implants used for full mouth implants can vary depending on several factors, including the patient's specific oral condition, bone density, and the treatment plan recommended by the dentist. However, in many cases, a full mouth implant procedure typically involves placing a minimum of four to six dental implants in either the upper or lower jaw, sometimes more.

All on 4 Dental Implants Turkey
All on 4 Dental Implants Turkey

All-on-4 Dental Implants:

This is a popular technique where four dental implants are strategically placed in the jawbone to support a full arch (upper or lower) of replacement teeth. Remember there are hundreds of dental implant brands in world, however, we are only using Nobel Biocare implant brand for All on 4 procedures because All on 4 treatment founded by Nobel Biocare and Nobel Biocare implant brand provides the best quality for this procedure. All-on-4 provides stability and function, even in cases of reduced bone volume.

All-on-6 Dental Implants:

In situations where additional support or stability is required, some patients may receive six or more dental implants per arch. This approach is often chosen when there is more significant bone loss or when the patient's specific needs dictate a more extensive full mouth restoration.

All on 6 Dental Implants Turkey

The exact number of implants can vary from patient to patient, and the final treatment plan is determined after a thorough examination and assessment by the dentist or oral surgeon. Factors such as bone health, available space, and the type of prosthetic used also influence the decision on the number of implants required to achieve optimal results.

It's essential to consult with a qualified dental professional who can evaluate your individual case and recommend the most suitable treatment plan, including the number of implants needed, to ensure the success of your full mouth implant procedure.

How many trips to Turkey for dental implants?

Dental implant treatment typically spans two visits to Turkey. The initial visit focuses on implant placement. After this critical step, a minimum waiting period of 3 months is essential before permanent implant crowns can be fitted. This interval is crucial to allow the implants to establish a robust connection with the jawbone, enabling them to withstand the pressures of biting and chewing. During the first visit, Premium Dental Turkey ensures patients have a temporary solution, so they don't return home without the appearance and function of teeth.

Dental Implants in Turkey

Premium Dental Turkey recognizes the financial concerns of patients seeking dental implants. While dental implants and their placement can be exorbitantly priced in many parts of the world, Premium Dental Turkey offers an alternative solution. This solution is cost-effective and unwavering in its commitment to material quality and dental expertise.

The reduced operational costs of clinics in Turkey, combined with the collective purchasing power of a network of clinics, translate into significant dental implant turkey cost savings. Premium Dental Turkey ensures that these savings are passed directly on to the patients.

Dental Implants in Turkey Brands: Premium Quality, Every Time

What implants do they use in Turkey?

Now we are going to answer one of the most common questions from the patients who wants to visit whether for single tooth implant, multiple teeth implants or full mouth dental implants in Turkey: “What implants do they use in Turkey?”.

At Premium Dental Turkey, quality is non-negotiable. We prioritize premium implant brands to ensure the durability and reliability of dental implants. One of the trusted brands we offer is MODE , known for its economic yet high-quality implants.MODE's extensive global distribution network ensures that patients can access oral surgeons familiar with the brand worldwide. MODE Dental Implants are crafted using 100% grade 5 titanium, offering a wide range of implant options to suit various clinical cases. From straightforward to complex cases, MODE provides the precise and most convenient implant solutions.

Premium Dental Turkey also extends its offerings to implants from renowned brands like Straumann or Nobel Biocare. These brands are giants in the implant market, recognized and trusted by oral surgeons worldwide. However, despite their premium quality, Premium Dental Turkey Clinic in Antalya, has made these implants more accessible by establishing enduring relationships with global implant suppliers. Patients can rest assured that they receive world-class implants without breaking the bank.

Dental Implants in Turkey

Nobel Biocare Dental Implants in Turkey

Switzerland-based Nobel Biocare is one of the leading dental implant brand names in the world. In fact, it was one of the founders of this company, Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark, who discovered osseointegration, the process wherein titanium implants are fused to the jawbone. Nobel Biocare sold the first-ever titanium dental implants and continues to produce them to this day. The latest Nobel Biocare products are manufactured using high-tech CADCAM method. You will be able to purchase dental implants, abutments, and porcelain crowns in turkey through this brand. One of the biggest advantages of choosing this brand is that your implant comes with a customized template guide. It allows the dental surgeon to place the implant with precision in your mouth.

Dental Implants in Turkey Nobel Biocare

Straumann Dental Implants in Turkey

Straumann is possibly the most popular dental implant brand in the world. The brand manufactures its implants and support components in the United States and Switzerland. The company also offers dental tissue regeneration devices made in Sweden. You can be assured of the best quality with this brand. The brand has been active since 1954 and is well known among dentists. Straumann also invests heavily in pioneering dental research institutes and universities. Straumann dental implants are made using the latest technology developed with its considerable investments. Titanium implants and abutments can be obtained through the Straumann brand. This brand comes highly recommended due to how reliable and safe their products are.

Dental Implants in Turkey STRAUMANN®

Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifting : Addressing Common Concerns

After natural tooth extraction, it's common for jawbone density to decrease over time. In some cases, the initial cause of tooth loss may be reduced bone density. When necessary, Premium Dental Turkey offers bone grafting alongside implant placement to ensure effective implant support. Along the upper jaw, the position of sinus pockets is crucial for safe implant placement. If there's insufficient room under the sinus pocket, a sinus lifting procedure may be advised. Premium Dental Turkey is well-equipped to perform these procedures alongside implant placement, ensuring that patients receive comprehensive care. The healing time advised by oral surgeons may extend beyond the standard 3 months, but a temporary solution can usually be provided to maintain the appearance of teeth while ensuring the long-term success of the implant treatment.

Dental Implants in Turkey Sinus lifting

Patient Experience and Satisfaction at Premium Dental Turkey

Transformative Patient Journeys: More Than Dental Procedures

At Premium Dental Turkey, we redefine the patient experience. Each visit is not merely a series of dental procedures; it's a transformative journey. Our patients' stories are testaments to this transformation – each one reflecting a newfound sense of confidence and joy. It's not just about the smiles we create; it's about the lives we touch and the confidence we instill through our work.

The Power of Testimonials: Stories of Change

Our clinic walls echo with heartfelt stories from those who came to us facing dental challenges and left with results that changed their lives. These testimonials aren't just proof of our success; they are the motivational force that drives us. Each story is unique, yet all share a common thread of profound personal and emotional impact, encouraging us to continually elevate our standards of care.

A Culture of Empathy and Understanding: The Premium Dental Approach

From the moment you enter Premium Dental Turkey, a sense of warmth and understanding envelops you. We recognize the anxiety often associated with dental procedures and go above and beyond to ensure comfort and peace of mind. Our team, comprised of not only dental experts but also compassionate individuals, is dedicated to your holistic well-being.

Beyond Treatment: Comprehensive Aftercare and Long-Term Wellness

Our commitment to you extends far beyond the dental chair. Comprehensive aftercare is fundamental to our practice, emphasizing the long-term success and wellness of our patients. We offer detailed guidance on post-treatment care and oral health maintenance. With follow-up consultations and accessible support, we ensure you are never alone on your journey to optimal dental health.

A Tailored Experience for International Patients: Seamless and Stress-Free

For our international patients, we provide a meticulously tailored experience. Our services encompass every aspect of your visit to Turkey, from airport transfers to accommodation and language assistance. We aim to eliminate any stress related to travel and logistics, allowing you to focus solely on your treatment and recovery.

Building Lasting Relationships: More Than Just Dental Care

At Premium Dental Turkey, our vision goes beyond dental services. We strive to forge lasting relationships with our patients, becoming a part of your journey toward a healthier, happier smile. Our commitment to your well-being continues long after your treatment, as we stand by you in your ongoing journey to dental health and personal confidence.

What Dental Implants Can Do for You ?

  • Natural Looking Teeth :
  • Premium Dental Turkey provides dental implants to support dental crowns in Turkey to match your natural teeth. Therefore, the dental implants don’t look out of place, even when they replace your front teeth. You can smile confidently once more with permanent dental implants and not have to worry about your teeth looking artificial. Dental implants to support Dental Crowns are currently the best option to restore smiles.

  • Implants are Permanent :
  • Unlike dentures that require removal and cleaning, dental implants are permanently fixed to your jaw. Not only do the implants look like natural teeth, they feel like natural teeth as well. You can take care of dental implants the same way you maintain your normal teeth, by brushing and flossing.

  • High Success Rate :
  • Dental implants Turkey are successful 98 percent of the time. It’s one of the most successful dental procedures used today.

  • Perfect Fit :
  • Dentures are notoriously difficult to wear. The device has a tendency to fall off while the wearer is eating or speaking. Dental implants, on the other hand, are fused to your jawbone so, you will never have to worry about them falling off.

  • Speak Naturally :
  • Dental implants turkey do not disrupt speech like dentures. As they function just like normal teeth, you can return to your regular speech pattern with implants. You won’t have to slur words or mumble incomprehensibly when you have dental implants in your mouth.

  • High Levels of Comfort :
  • You won’t feel the dental implants cutting into your palate or bearing down on your tongue like dentures. They will feel right at home in your mouth just like your natural teeth. If the discomfort caused by dentures is a major concern for you, then implants are the best solution.

  • More Convenience :
  • Are you having trouble finding time to clean your dentures? Implants do not require removal or cleaning, so you can save time and enjoy more comfort with implants than dentures.

  • Chew Food Normally :
  • Dental implants wholly eliminate trouble with chewing due to missing teeth or dentures that move when you bite down. You can indulge in your favourite hard-crusted foods without the fear of discomfort or pain when you have dental implants.

  • A Long-lasting Solution :
  • Dental Implants are fixed to your mouth for life. You don’t have to go to the dentist every month to have dental implants adjusted or fixed. Once you get these fixed, you only have to go to the dentist for routine check-ups.

  • Less Risk of Infection :
  • Dentures are removable, which increases the chances of the device introducing harmful bacteria to the mouth. Because dental implants are permanent, you can be assured of good oral hygiene with minimal effort.

All in all, with dental implants, missing teeth or enamel damage, you will start to feel more confident. You can start smiling again, speak in public and eat in the company without feeling embarrassed about your teeth.


Dental implants in Turkey is a life-changing treatment for missing teeth, and choosing the right clinic is paramount. Premium Dental Turkey, with its focus on quality, transparency, and patient satisfaction, provides an unbeatable option for those seeking affordable yet top-tier dental implant procedures. Don't let missing teeth hold you back; consider Premium Dental Turkey for a comprehensive, world-class dental implant experience that will restore your confidence and your smile.

In conclusion, Premium Dental Turkey offers a comprehensive and affordable solution to dental implant treatment. Their commitment to quality, transparency, and patient satisfaction is evident throughout the treatment process. With state-of-the-art technology, experienced oral surgeons, and a track record of thousands of satisfied patients, Premium Dental Turkey is a top choice for those seeking dental implant procedures. Say goodbye to missing teeth and hello to a fully restored smile with Premium Dental Turkey.

2024's FAQ Dental Implants in Turkey


Explore the costs of Dental Implants in Turkey: Dental Implant cost Turkey varies;

Implant Brand Dental Implant Prices in GBP Dental Implant Prices in EURO Dental Implant Prices in US DOLLAR
MODE® Dental Implant + Abutment £459 €555 $599
NOBEL BIOCARE® Dental Implant + Abutments £629 €719 $846
STRAUMANN® Dental Implant + Abutment £739 €839 $989

Turkey tooth implant prices in Turkey can vary, but they are generally more affordable compared to many Western countries.

Yes, Turkey is known for offering high-quality dental implant procedures at competitive prices, making it a popular destination for dental tourism.
Typically, two trips are required for dental implant treatment in Turkey: one for implant placement and another for the final crown placement.
The cost of teeth implants in Turkey varies, but it is generally more budget-friendly than in many other countries.
Yes, getting dental implants in Turkey is often considered worthwhile due to the combination of affordability and high-quality care available.
Turkey is often considered one of the most cost-effective countries for dental implants without compromising on quality.


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