Dental Veneers Abroad

Getting dental veneers abroad become highly popular for the patients living in European countries and planning on affordable dental treatments.. If you have yellowish teeth, minor discolouration dental veneers can rapidly and considerably improve the colour. Dental veneers are also used to restore crooked or damaged teeth and create natural end results. While veneers are highly preferred by both dental patients and dentists, these products can be very expensive especially if your are living in UK, USA or Germany.

When purchasing porcelain dental veneers, it’s important to make sure that you to choose a high-quality product that can last long in your mouth without needing restoration. The best porcelain veneers are branded under names of E.Max. These products can be quite expensive, costing close to hundreds of dollars or pounds. 

The process of applying dental veneers is quite straightforward. However, dentists have to custom design the veneers to match your teeth and the shade you have chosen. This process can add lab fees and consultation fees that can make the overall cost of obtaining dental veneers very expensive for the average patient. 

Some patients seek dental veneers abroad in countries like Turkey, where the costs are considerably low compared to the UK, US, Germany, or Australia. You will be able to save up to 70%. If you are planning on a full set of veneers abroad you can save more.  Informed patients do have questions about why the cost of dental veneers are cheap in Turkey and whether it’s really worth it to travel all the way there for cheap veneers abroad. Read on to find out why costs of veneers are genuinely cheap in Turkey and why it’s worthwhile to consider travelling there to keep the costs of your procedure low.

Patients Can Benefit from Low Operational Costs in Turkey 

The main reason why it’s worthwhile to get porcelain veneers abroad in Turkey is that the dental clinic operational costs in Turkey are very low compared to the US or the UK. Because o currency rates English Sterling Pound is 5 times stronger than Turkish Lira. In Turkey dentist fees, clinic operation costs and dental technician fees are based on Turkish Lira and dental treatment prices are also set as Turkish Lira. Foreign patients can benefit from the same with the local patient's prices by travelling to Turkey. Running a dental clinic in Turkey is substantially less costly than in the US or the UK. Clinics often relay this cost advantage to foreign patients. 

Dental Holiday companies like Premium Dental Turkey have also mass purchase advantages. Your local dentist applies 100 Dental Implants a year on average however we apply over 2000 Dental Implants every year. Therefore we are able to purchase expensive dental products much cheaper than your local dentist and we reflect this discount to our patients to offer more affordable dental treatments. 

Dentists are equally Qualified as in Other Developed Countries 

Getting veneers abroad is not without a certain risk. One of the well-known risks is being treated by a dentist who is not qualified. Dental qualifications do vary from country to country. It’s not possible for patients to determine which countries have the best standards. But patients can trust organizations like the European Union and the American Dental Association to set good standards. In Turkey, dentists are qualified by the Turkish Dental Association, which follows European Union guidelines on setting standards. Dental specialists undergo rigorous training in addition to completing dental and medical school. You can expect Turkish dentists to be just as qualified as dentists in other European countries like Britain, Germany, or France. 

At Premium Dental Turkey, our dental team consists of only dental specialists like Oral Surgeons, Prosthodontist or Endodontists. We offer the best quality dental products and best dentists in Turkey applies these products. 

Free Services 

Premium Dental Turkey offers free return airport services, free panoramic x-rays, free consultation with dental specialists and free transfer services to the clinic for your every appointment. We offer hassle-free, safe and high-end dental holiday experience in Turkey. You do not have to wait in the clinic for hours to meet your dentist. We pick you up from your hotel and your treatment starts right after your Consultation. 

Low Travel Expenses 

Is it possible for a dental patient to save money when there are travel expenses associated? Wouldn’t plane tickets and hotel charges offset any cost savings from the treatments? As it turns out, travel expenses in Turkey are very low. If you are flying in from elsewhere in Europe, the plane ticket prices would be very low. Flying to Turkey from the US and Australia are significantly low as well. Accommodation options in Turkey can vary from budget hostels to 5-star hotels. But thanks to currency exchange rates, these costs are low for patients with Euros and Pounds. Even a luxury-grade hotel can be affordable in Turkey. Therefore, travel costs would never seep into the overall savings from low-cost dental veneer treatments in Turkey. If you are considering going abroad for dental veneers, Turkey is one of the best countries for care. Costs are low as expected, but the level of care is truly high quality and is comparable to what patients receive in developed countries.

In the pursuit of a radiant smile, dental veneers emerge as a transformative solution. For those considering enhancing their teeth's appearance, exploring the option of dental veneers abroad can be a game-changer. Here's a glimpse into the benefits of opting for this cosmetic dentistry procedure beyond your home borders.

dental veneers abroad
  • Cost Efficiency: One of the primary attractions of getting dental veneers abroad is the potential for significant cost savings. Many countries offer high-quality dental care at a fraction of the cost compared to some regions, making smile transformations more accessible.
  • Expertise and Technology: Renowned dental clinics abroad often boast cutting-edge technology and highly skilled professionals. Seeking dental veneers internationally allows individuals to tap into the expertise of experienced cosmetic dentists who are well-versed in the latest techniques and advancements.
  • Customized Aesthetics: Dental veneers provide a customizable solution for achieving the desired aesthetics. By choosing a reputable clinic abroad, individuals can work closely with skilled professionals to tailor the veneers to their unique preferences, ensuring a natural and stunning result.
  • Vacation and Treatment: Opting for dental veneers abroad combines cosmetic enhancement with a vacation experience. Many dental clinics in popular destinations offer comprehensive packages, allowing individuals to enjoy a relaxing environment while achieving a radiant new smile.
  • Consider the possibility of dental veneers abroad as a pathway to not only revitalize your smile but also embark on a transformative journey towards improved self-confidence and oral aesthetics.

    Premium Dental Turkey Medical Reference | Written by Dr. Dt.Furkan Altinel & Ismail Kilic on 2023-12-12 12:06:54