Which Dental Implant Brand Should I Choose

Dental implants are widely used to treat an array of dental conditions that occur today. As a result, patients now have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a dental implant. Your dentist might present you with multiple brand names for dental implants. Are some brand names better than the others? Would branded products be too expensive? See below to find answers to these questions and to learn about the most common dental implant brands used worldwide:


The world of dental implants is largely dominated by three brands: Nobel, Straumann, and Mode. There are other less-well-known but similarly priced brands such as BioHorizons, Osstem, and AstraTech. Before you make a purchase, it’s highly recommended that you have a basic knowledge of each brand.


Nobel Biocare implants are made from pure commercial grade 4 titanium. The metal is cold-worked when creating the implant, resulting in a product that is very sturdy and impressively durable. Thanks to the high quality of Nobel implants, dentists recommend the use of the brand for complex cases. The brand’s titanium implants are surface treated with TiUnite, a proprietary mechanism that increases the surface area of the implant. This unique feature can fast-track how quickly the implant gets infused into the jawbone via a process known as osseointegration. Therefore, these implants can benefit patients suffering from jawbone loss the most. Nobel implants are stable too.


This world-class brand offers dental implants with varying screw sizes to suit individual bone and tissue structures. Mode implants are made from top-notch titanium. The brand designs the titanium implants without oil, using only pure water. The resulting product is thus free from impurities that could cause durability, stability and other issues. Mode is a great go-to brand to find implants of all sizes and shapes, including mini implants, short implants, and rapid healing implants, among others. These implants come with an internal octagon-shaped abutment connection system, known for superior stability. Mode implants are guaranteed and come with a warranty. One of the main reasons Mode implants are popular is because of the price. Compared to other leading brands, Mode products are far more economical for patients.


Straumann is one of the oldest and best-known brands in restorative dentistry. Under this label, you will find a number of dental implant products, including a complete implant system. This brand makes dental implants in classic titanium as well as a newer, all-ceramic model. Straumann offers dental implants in standard, standard plus, and tapered varieties. The brand’s implants with Morse taper connections are known for exceptional stability. Taper implants can connect to the abutment that affixes the crown to the implant without a screw as is usual. Straumann dental implants are said to reduce healing time. The brand’s implant system is specifically designed to get a better tissue response, so you may recover from the procedure much sooner. You can obtain abutment connections from Straumann as well as implants.


Despite the different brand names, all of these dental implants have the same success rate. Each brand also comes with lifetime guarantees. Nobel is the brand most popular in Europe, while Straumann is the go-to brand in the US. Mode is the least expensive of the three. All three brands are widely used worldwide so you can obtain aftercare just about anywhere. If you are overly concerned about budget, please be aware that certain cheaper implant brands are not used in Europe or America so you can have problems regarding aftercare. All dental implant brands we offer are lifetime guaranteed and premium quality and worldwide known dental products. Mode Dental Implants are the most economical choice you can get. We have applied them to many patients and the success rate is same as other options. The Nobel Biocare Brand, discover the first-ever titanium dental implants and continues to produce them to this day. Nobel Biocare Implants are worldwide known, high-end dental products. The Straumann is possibly the most popular dental implant brand in the world. The brand manufactures its implants and support components in the United States and Switzerland. To explain the three brands with a simple example; Mode Dental Implants: Volkswagen Nobel Biocare Dental Implants: Mercedes Straumann Dental Implants: GMC They are all important car manufacturers but Mercedes is the most famous one especially in Europe, GMC is too much money just for the brand, Volkswagen successful, durable but you can't show off The choice is up to you.


Each dental implant brand is made for particular clinical conditions. Brands do offer different series of implants for patients to choose from. As a result, what makes one brand distinct from another is largely disappearing. It should be noted however that what makes a dental implant a success or not doesn’t just depend on the brand name. Its success largely rests on how skilled your dental surgeon is. Implants must be placed correctly for the jawbone infusion process to take effect. A skilled surgeon would take note of your jawbone condition before starting to drill. With a skilled oral surgeon, any high-quality implant would offer desired benefits.


It is true that certain types of implant brands can be more suitable depending on the condition you are being treated for. For example, if the bone space in your jaw is narrow, your dentist may recommend narrow dental implants, such as those offered by Mode. If you are undergoing a sinus lift before implant surgery, you will require specific types of implants. You should discuss dental implant brands with your dentist during the initial consultation. Your dentist might recommend brands for you, or you can choose one on your own. Discuss the pros and cons of each option before settling on one. If you have known allergies to the metal titanium, which nearly all dental implants are made from, you can consider ceramic implant options. While less common, ceramic implants can help improve the looks of the implant. Mainly, with ceramic implants, you won’t see a metallic shine on the surface of the tooth crown. Remember, the success rate between implants is negligible as long as you are choosing a well-regarded brand. What you may really want to consider are the prices and the durability of the implant. Some brands can be economical and you can discuss this with your dentist as well. As dental implants would remain in your mouth permanently, choose a brand that offers a long-term warranty with the implant. All top brands do. Be careful when calculating the costs of obtaining an implant. Don’t choose a brand just because it’s affordable. Low-cost dental implants could cause more damage to your teeth. Always choose a well-known dental implant brand to ensure the quality of the product that goes in your mouth. Premium Dental Turkey Medical Reference | Written by Dr. Dt.Furkan Altinel & Ismail Kilic on 2018-04-29 05:37:17