Dentists at Premium Dental Turkey

The dental team at Premium Dental Turkey consists only of highly-trained and qualified dental specialists like Oral Surgeon, Prosthodontist ( Cosmetic Dentist) and Endodontist. Dental specialists are not general dentists. Specialists undergo additional training in postgraduate programs in an area of specialization. As a result, dental specialists are more qualified and suited for diagnosing complicated issues in a particular area of your face and mouth. 

Not only can you get more accurate diagnoses with dental specialists, you can also benefit from better consultations. Our dental specialists are familiar with the latest developments in dental treatments and technology, and thus can inform patients about newer and improved procedures to treat various conditions. You are guaranteed the best care from dental specialists at our clinic. 

Consulting with a dental specialist in countries like the UK or Australia can be enormously expensive. A single, hour-long consultation could cost hundreds of dollars or pounds because specialists are highly trained and skilled. At Premium Dental Turkey, your initial consultation with a specialist will be provided for free! It’s a unique perk we offer patients at our clinic. Additionally, dental specialists in Turkey do not charge as much as specialists in other parts of Europe. Affordable rates are the norm, which means that our foreign patients can benefit from much lower rates when undergoing treatment with a specialist. 

Our team of dental specialists includes dental surgeons, prosthodontists, and endodontists. Our specialists are committed to providing the highest quality care for every one of our patients. You can ask the specialists any questions to allay fears you may have regarding certain procedures. Dental specialists at Premium Dental Turkey are knowledgeable about cosmetic dentistry as well as medical procedures. You can be assured that the specialist can keep your smile intact or restore it if needed when undergoing specialized treatment programs. Read below for more details regarding our dental specialists:

Oral Surgeon in turkey

Oral surgeons, also known as maxillofacial surgeons, are specialist dentists who are qualified to treat a number of dental conditions. At Premium Dental Clinic, our highly experienced and skilled dental surgeons place dental implants and perform surgical tooth extractions, sinus lifting, bone grafting, and other similar surgical procedures. Our oral surgeons can expertly place All-on-4 dental implants as well. 

General dentists are not qualified or trained to handle treatments that require surgical intervention, such as placing implants in your jawbone. Oral surgeons undergo years of training, just like medical surgeons who specialize in other parts of the body. In most parts of Europe, including the UK, oral surgeons require dual degrees as specialists in both dentistry and medicine. In many other countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden, oral surgery is a specialty within dentistry. 

In Turkey, as in the UK, oral surgeons require dual degrees in both medicine and dentistry. Oral surgeons at Premium Dental Turkey have expertise in both fields and are thus some of the most qualified oral surgeons in the world.

Our oral surgeons have graduated from world-class universities and are registered with the Turkish Dental Association, an authoritative body that sets policies and recommends regulations for quality of dental care in the country. The oral surgeons who will treat you at Premium Dental Turkey are equally qualified as oral surgeons in countries like the UK or the US. This highly specialized field of dentistry employs only the best surgeons. Our surgeons also have additional training in using new technologies and novel surgical treatments that optimizes premium-level care. 

You can consult with an oral surgeon if your dental treatment requires any level of surgical intervention. The oral surgeons at Premium Dental Turkey are excellent communicators. Oral surgery, just like any other type of surgery, can be intimidating. Our oral surgeons will patiently, and in simple terms, explain to you what the surgery is like and answer all your vital questions. You can discuss being sedated or getting anesthesia for the procedure with the oral surgeon. The specialist will also explain the risks and rewards of the procedure. Most oral surgeries are minimally risky and would not be recommended if your treatment does not require it.

Prosthodontist / Cosmetic Dentist in turkey

Prosthodontic specialists are qualified to diagnose, treat, and plan follow-ups for dental issues related to missing teeth or maxillofacial tissues. Maxillofacial relates to the part of your face that consists of the jawbone and how it holds up your facial structure. If you have dental conditions associated with deficient teeth or jawbone structure, you can consult with a prosthodontic dentist. Our prosthodontic specialists are trained to treat patients with dental veneers, dental crowns, lumineers, dental bridges, dentures, dental filling, inlays and on lays, and also for conducting professional teeth whitening

Prosthodontic dentists are fully qualified dentists who have undergone additional training under a prosthodontic graduate program. These specialists are well-trained in providing both medically-necessary and cosmetic care. Cosmetic procedures like smile restoration and fixing missing teeth would require consulting with a prosthodontic dentist. Prosthodontic specialists at Premium Dental Turkey can diagnose problems, recommend treatments, plan procedures, and offer rehabilitative care following completion of treatments. 

Prosthodontic specialists are experts in replacing dental parts inside the mouth, unlike general dentists who are not qualified to undertake such treatments. The term “prosthodontic” literally means replacing teeth. Only prosthodontic specialists are fully-qualified to find solutions for teeth placement issues. Prosthodontic specialists may work with other dental care professionals when creating treatment plans for comprehensive cosmetic or restoration procedures. Do not confuse prosthodontic specialists with dental technicians. Dental technicians work in the lab to create dental crowns, bridges, and other restorative material, which are designed by the prosthodontic specialist.

Our patients who require jaw structure or missing teeth treatment can benefit greatly from prosthodontic specialists because of their advanced training, knowledge of new treatments and access to the best techniques. 

The prosthodontic specialists at Premium Dental Turkey have undergone rigorous graduate training programs offered by internationally recognized universities in Turkey and elsewhere. Each specialist is accredited by the Turkish Dental Association, which is the local equivalent of the British Dental Association. The training and qualifications Turkish prosthodontic specialists undergo are similar to those of a board-certified prosthodontist in the US. Our prosthodontic specialists meet all the standards set by the Turkey Ministry of Health based on EU recommendations.

Endodontist in turkey

An endodontist is a dental specialist who mainly performs root canal therapy. The term “endodontic” means “inside the tooth”. Therefore, endodontic therapy involves treating the tissues inside a tooth, called the pulp. The teeth pulp tissue commonly gets infected or damaged by cavities. As a result, all dentists are technically qualified to diagnose and treat pulp-related problems. However, some procedures are complicated and require the attention of a specialist. That’s where endodontist specialists come in. 

Endodontist specialists undergo further training in addition to completing dental school in Turkey. Qualified endodontists undergo up to two more years of training focusing solely on the tissues inside the teeth. They are more qualified to diagnose complicated issues relating to the pulp tissue. That’s why some dentists in Turkey refer patients to endodontist specialists for root canal problems. 

At Premium Dental Turkey, we also refer patients who need to undergo root canal therapy to endodontist specialists. Root canal therapy is required when the pulp tissue gets infected. The endodontist removes the infected tissue and cleans the insides, which is necessary for saving a tooth. There are many reasons other than cavities that may result in infected pulp, such as gum disease or physical trauma to a tooth. The endodontist will diagnose the problem without delay. Some patients who require dental implants may need to undergo root canal therapy in advance, in which case an endodontist referral would be provided. 

Our endodontist specialists are highly trained, well qualified, and experienced in performing root canals. Each of them is accredited by the Turkey Dental Association. The procedure of performing a root canal therapy involved administering a local anesthetic, which only highly-qualified endodontists should undertake. Our endodontists are familiar with the latest techniques to effectively perform root canal therapy. The procedure is typically performed in a single visit, and in rare cases, may require two visits. 

Root canal therapies performed by our endodontist specialists have a 100 percent success rate. In an overwhelming majority of cases, teeth can be saved and further damage can be prevented. It is very rare for a root canal treatment to fail. Even if it does, our endodontist specialist will quickly proceed to perform treatments that will stall and eliminate a pulp infection. 

Our endodontists are qualified to treat issues related to cracked or fractured teeth as well. Physical trauma to the enamel of teeth can damage the interior pulp. If the nerves are damaged, the patient may experience severe pain. In some cases, dead nerves lead to tooth discoloration. An endodontist can diagnose and prevent these problems early on. 

Our endodontists are fully qualified to treat you during the visit without needing to return for checkups or follow-ups months later. If you receive serious treatment, the endodontist may recommend seeing your dentist back home in 6 to 12 months. Or you can fly back to Turkey for affordable, world-class treatment.

No matter which treatment you are planning on you should get the best possible. Remember your dental care is a major part of your overall health and you should choose the best dentists for your treatments. 
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