Non prep Dental Veneers

What are Dental Lumineers?

Dental Lumineers are thin shells which cover the surface of your teeth to create a brighter and aesthetically pleasing smile line. They are custom made for each patient so you can choose the colour, shape and the size of your Lumineers to achieve the end result you are looking for. Dental Lumineers need minimal or no preparation so they are the quickest and easiest way to create a Smile Makeover. 

Benefits of Dental Lumineers

• Lumineers need no tooth structure removal, thus bonded directly on the tooth surface.
• Patients receive their final Lumineers within 5 appointments; starting from the impression and consultation day.
• Lumineers bond directly to the surface tooth, making it a conservative cosmetic approach.
• They are very durable, 10 years or longer with good oral hygiene according to clinical studies.
•The Lumineers is a minimally invasive technique making them placed over the existing teeth without the removal of any a tooth structure or minimal preparation however only very few people is a good candidate for Lumineers. 


We would like you to be aware that Lumineers are not a suitable treatment for every patient. During your consultation which includes your Panoramic X-ray and oral examination, our Cosmetic Dentist and experienced Patient Coordinators will inform you if you are a good candidate for Lumineers or not.You can also send us your dental photographs in order to confirm your candidacy before your arrival.
• Lumineers are being placed on teeth with good conditioning meaning that it should be free of decay. And if there were tooth fillings, they should be checked up and assured that they are good, with no overhanging restorations or recurrent caries under them.
• Good oral hygiene is a mandatory criterion in patient selection for lumineers, as no signs of gum disease should be noticed, so as not to bleed during bonding affecting the durability and quality of lumineers.
• Teeth that have discolouration that is resistant to vital bleaching procedures.
• Diastema closure
• The severity and extension must be evaluated through our dentists because they will determine the treatment goals, which have as much to do with restoring proper function as they do with aesthetics.

What is the Difference Between Lumineers and Porcelain Veneers?

Lumineers are thin porcelain material, custom made for you, applied with a permanent bonding agent to the tooth. The main difference between conventional dental veneers and lumineers is the very thin thickness of Lumineers, like ultra-thin. Lumineers require slight modification of the enamel during placement (0.3 mm maximum is removed if needed). It just needs polishing the teeth with Porcelain Paste and rinse, then refreshing the enamel performing minimal enameloplasty. The difference between Lumineers and conventional veneers is the dental material of construction which is called Cerinate porcelain which is very strong one and much thinner than the traditional veneers. Their thickness is comparable to contact lenses. Lumineers are the ideal choice when you want to make smile makeover or go for just minimal contouring and brighter shade with no or minimum preparation involved.  If you have teeth that protrude, are recessed, overcrowded or present excessive gaps or damage then we offer Dental Veneers or Dental Crowns to achieve the end result you are planning on.

Dental Lumineers Aftercare

Brush and floss your Lumineers the same you do with your natural teeth, you have to maintain a proper oral hygiene regimen. The best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy is to visit your dentist regularly for check-ups (every six months is recommended). Do not bite on any heavy objects and avoid any bad habits as fingernails biting, clenching, to guarantee a durable long life Lumineers.

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If you are planning on Dental Lumineers in Turkey please contact us via WhatsApp, Free International Call, E-mail or just get free quote via our website. Our Patient Coordinators will get back to you within 6 hours regarding your planned dental treatment with detailed information along with the associated costs. 


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