Teeth Grinding - Bruxism Treatment

Teeth grinding or bruxism, as it is formally known, is a chronic habit that can take a severe toll on your teeth. Teeth grinding commonly leads to wearing of teeth enamel, joints of the jaw, and even jaw muscles. Complications associated with teeth grinding can be very expensive to treat. Early treatment is the least costly option. Premium Dental Turkey offers affordable treatment options, even for the most serious bruxism cases, compared to Western Europe or North America.

Diagnosing the Condition

Bruxism is the dental condition where a patience constantly grinds, clenches or gnashes their teeth. There are two types of bruxism, one that occurs when the patient is awake and the other when the patient is asleep. Sleep bruxism and awake bruxism results in similar symptoms, but treatment for the two conditions vary. Sleep bruxism is considered a sleep-related disorder and may require psychiatric treatment in addition to dental treatment. Teeth grinding leads to many problems, mainly damaged teeth. In addition, patients may also get headaches, experience jaw pain, or undergo jaw-related disorders. Some patients who suffer from sleep teeth grinding may not be aware of the condition, which means that it’s all the more important to go to a dentist and obtain an evaluation. Premium Dental Turkey has dentists who specialise in treating both types of bruxism. The condition can be diagnosed with a single visit to the clinic. The dentist will examine your mouth for tell-tale signs of bruxism such as worn out teeth, damage to the inside of the teeth, missing or broken teeth, and tenderness in jaw joints or muscles. The dental exams may include an X-ray, which you can obtain for free at our clinics. When the condition has been diagnosed, the dentist will recommend treatments depending on the damage caused by the teeth grinding. For patients with sleep-related bruxism, our dentists in Turkey will recommend psychiatric care and evaluation that the patient will have to obtain elsewhere.

Available Treatment Options for teeth Grinding

Treatment options for symptoms of teeth grinding can vary. Our dentists can only treat physical damage from the condition to the teeth and jaws. Related symptoms like headaches often go away once the dental symptoms are fixed. Here are some of the common treatment options available for symptoms of bruxism:

Dental Guards 

Also known as occlusal guards or night guards, this is a mouth guard that keeps the teeth separate. The guard minimizes or wholly eliminates the damage done by teeth grinding or clenching. The mouth guard will be custom made to fit your teeth exactly. We use the best-branded materials available to design a mouth guard that fits well and is comfortable in your mouth. The guard can be made with soft or hard materials depending on your preferences. The mouth guard will cover both upper and lower jaw teeth.

Dental Caps or Crowns 

If the teeth grinding has already caused serious damage to the enamel of teeth, we can recommend dental caps or crowns for the affected teeth. The crown or cap will be fitted to the damaged natural tooth to restore shape and functionality. It will also prevent further damage from grinding. Dental caps or crowns will be custom made as well using the world-class material. Our in-house lab can reduce the costs of this otherwise expensive type of orthodontic treatment.

Jaw Surgery 

In extreme cases of teeth grinding, there could be significant damage to the jaw joints and alignment of teeth. In these cases, the dentist will recommend corrective jaw surgery. Our clinics are staffed with fully qualified dental surgeons who can carry out this type of treatment. We have both local and general anesthesia options for patients who might require either. Treating bruxism is not limited to dental procedures. The condition will not be fully alleviated until the patient stops grinding teeth. Patients with bruxism should simultaneously seek psychiatric treatment to put a stop to the habit and prevent further symptoms. Treatment options may become useless if the habit continues. Therefore, we highly recommend seeking joint treatment for this condition.

Bruxism treatment Costs 

Most treatment options for bruxism are highly expensive. However, Premium Dental Turkey offers reasonable rates for all our patients for any type of treatment option. Because of our location and partner labs, we can keep the costs of products low while at the same time ensuring the highest quality of products. You can email us an inquiry or submit the online contact form to obtain exact rates for various treatments. If you already have a diagnosis of teeth grinding, we can proceed with the treatment option without delay.

Premium Dental Turkey Medical Reference | Written by Dr. Dt.Furkan Altinel & Ismail Kilic on 2018-04-01 08:58:46