How to Send Dental Photographs for Online Consultation?

Patients at Premium Dental Turkey are welcome to send pictures of their dental issues for an online consultation in advance. When you come in Turkey for your dental treatment at our clinic, you will consult with a dental specialist.  This is a prior examination of your dental situation. We can offer dental treatments like Dental Veneers, Dental Crowns, Dental Implants or Dental Bridges based on your dental photographs. You may consider Dental Implants to replace your missing tooth however Dental Bridges might be a better solution for you. Every teeth and dental condition is unique so we aim to provide treatment recommendations for each patient individually. 

This is how to properly send dental photographs for an online consultation : 

Ideally we need 5 dental photographs. You can take each photograph from these positions: closed bite check, from the left (closed), from the right (closed), open mouth upper jaw, and open mouth lower jaw. Make sure the pictures are very clear. It’s perfectly fine to use your smartphone to take snaps of your dental issues. However, make sure the pictures are clear and focused. 

Send the five photographs to our clinic via email to : info@premiumdentalturkey or via  WhatsApp : 905336806033.  Then, we will consult with the Dental Team and get back to you with their recommendations.  You will get a basic diagnosis of your condition online. You can use it to obtain a free quote for complete treatment at Premium Dental Turkey. Panoramic dental x-rays can also help our specialist provide a more accurate online consultation. You can send your dental X-Ray if you obtain a dental x-ray back home. 

At our clinic, panoramic x-rays can be taken at the clinic for free during your consultation. 

Premium Dental Turkey Medical Reference | Written by Dr. Dt.Furkan Altinel & Ismail Kilic on 2018-04-10 10:36:29