Correcting Misshapen Teeth: Crowns and Veneers Explained

Misshapen teeth can make your smile look unattractive. Moreover, structural issues in teeth could also affect your bite and your ability to speak clearly. Premium Dental Turkey offers affordable but high-quality cosmetic treatments for teeth that are out of shape. 

What Causes Misshapen Teeth? 

Misshapen teeth occur naturally. Some people have inherently misshapen adult teeth. The most common cause of out-of-shape teeth is age-related wear and tear. All the biting and chewing over several decades can take a toll on the enamel. Bad habits like grinding teeth together could also cause enamel to lose its healthy shape. As we get older, natural bone loss leads to misshapen teeth as well. No matter the cause, there are multiple dental solutions for misshapen teeth. Premium Dental Turkey specializes in using dental crowns and veneers to treat this condition. Both crowns and veneers are largely cosmetic treatment options that will improve the appearance of teeth. 

Using Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are commonly used to correct the appearance of problem teeth. A crown can both lengthen and whiten a misshapen tooth. A dental crown is like a tooth-shaped cap that covers a problem tooth in its entirely. A dentist would make the dental crown using a material of your choice. You can choose the colour, shape and size of your teeth. An impression of the misshapen tooth would be made and the dentist would design the new crown to correct the shape. Dental crowns are permanently fitted to your natural teeth. Unlike dentures, they are not removable. Crowns not only improve the appearance of teeth, they can offer structural support as well. If the misshapen tooth is affecting your bite, a crown may be able to fix the issue. 

Dental crowns can fix a multitude of problems other than misshapen teeth. You can improve the colour of a tooth with a crown. Our clinic offers crown colours in every shade from natural enamel to Hollywood white. The cap also protects the natural enamel from decay. 

In the past, Dental crowns were made from material like stainless steel. We now offer branded dental crowns, such as Cubic Zirconia, E.max®, and CEREC®. The latest material these crowns are made of is durable and sturdy compared to the traditional options. 

At Premium Dental Turkey, you can obtain dental crown treatments within 5  days. You only need three dental appointments in the clinic to complete your Dental Crown treatment. The procedure is quick compared to what you will get in your home country. It is considered to be the quickest way to fix misshaped teeth and you can save 70% if you travel to Turkey for your treatment. You can also have a stunning holiday in Turkey. We offer free return transportation services from the airport to your accommodation and to the dental clinic for your each appointment. We offer free Consultation which includes Panoramic X-Ray, 3D Tomography and Oral Examination. 

Using Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are very thin shells made out of a durable material that a dentist fits on to the natural enamel of your teeth. These thin shells are shaped based on natural tooth impressions. If you have a misshapen tooth, the dentist can create a veneer that can make the tooth appear normal when fitted. Veneers are like fake fingernails that can improve the appearance of teeth. Dental veneers are permanently bonded to the visible surface of teeth. That means you don’t have to take these off for cleaning. Once the veneers are applied, you can eat, chew, and smile as usual. 

Dental veneers can last on your teeth for more than a decade, which makes the initial investment wholly worthwhile. This treatment option comes with multiple benefits that surpass just fixing teeth. Veneers can also improve the colour of your natural teeth, instantly improving your smile. Premium Dental Turkey offers dental veneers made by leading brands like E.max and Vita Suprinity. 

The veneer procedure at our clinic is straightforward. We can complete the treatment in a week or less, so you don’t have to spend extended time in Turkey. The procedure is simple. The dental surgeon will make the veneer impression and then use laser technology to permanently bond the veneer to the surface of your tooth. You only need to visit the clinic twice to get the procedure done. It’s not invasive and does not cause pain. 

Costs and Concerns 

Crowns and veneers can improve the appearance of misshapen teeth, but may not improve structural problems. Dental crowns are suited for correcting misshapen teeth as well as restoring normal functionality to such teeth. However, if the shape and alignment issues are severe, your dentist may recommend another option. You can refer to our online rates page for baseline costs for each procedure. You could also request a price quote by filling out our get free quote form. If you have any concerns regarding the procedures, feel free to contact us and request support from our patient coordinators.

If you are suffering from misshapen teeth, crooked teeth Premium Dental Turkey offers Dental Crowns at affordable prices. Get free quote and save 70%. You can get quote by contacting us via email : info@premiumdentalturkey, online Get Free Quote Form or WhatsApp : 00905336806033

Premium Dental Turkey Medical Reference | Written by Dr. Dt.Furkan Altinel & Ismail Kilic on 2018-03-03 11:12:42