General Anaesthesia in Dentistry

Most dental procedures are painless and can be easily completed without the use of injecting needles. However, some dental procedures do require the use of general anaesthetics to dull pain and for other reasons. You may have heard of general anaesthesia as a drug used for sedation before going in for surgeries. While the chemical is similar, general anaesthesia used in dentistry is far less invasive than in other fields of medicine. When you go in for other types of surgery, administering anaesthesia also involves the use of paralysing drugs. Dentists do not use paralytics and you won’t need breathing apparatuses during the dental procedure.

The anaesthetic medicine used by your dentist will only render you unconscious so that you won’t feel any pain. If you are highly anxious about oral surgery, then the dentist may recommend the use of general anaesthesia. At Premium Dental Clinic, your dentist will discuss the use of general anaesthetics with you and will only recommend it if you absolutely require the drugs.

Anaesthetic Drugs Used in Dentistry

Do understand that “general anaesthesia” is not the name of a single sedative drug, but a combination of drugs that will make you unconscious during the procedure. Dentists use different types of chemicals to sedate patients depending on the patient’s condition and tolerance levels. The most commonly used anaesthetic is nitrous oxide. In other cases, sedative drugs like Lorazepam (under brand names like Ativan) may also be used. Nitrous oxide is administered via a mask so that you inhale it. Sedative pills are also taken.

Keep in mind that general anaesthetics are different from local anaesthetics. Local anaesthetics are used typically on one part of the body and will only make you numb to the pain. When you go in to have a tooth pulled, dentists typically use a local anaesthetic to numb a particular area. General anaesthetic drugs are more potent than this and will make you unconscious.

Why Do Dentists Use General Anaesthesia?

Dentists use general anaesthesia when it’s absolutely necessary to prevent pain or to manage a serious condition like acute dental anxiety. Here is a list of other situations where a dentist might recommend the use of a general anaesthetic:

  • If the patient suffers from dental phobia or low tolerance to even moderate amounts of pain
  • Is allergic to local anaesthetics or when local anaesthetics are not effective
  • If the dental procedure is too invasive to highly complex
  • If the patient has a strong gag reflex or cannot help choking during the procedure (or can’t keep their mouth open for the duration of the procedure)
  • If the patient suffers from some form of disability that makes sitting through the procedure difficult
  • If the patient is restless or can’t stay still for the procedure even with the use of a local anaesthetic

Your dentist at Premium Dental Turkey will discuss the use of general anaesthetics with you and explain to you why it’s necessary. Your dentist will also ask about other medications you use and allergies, if any, are a concern. Do disclose all types of medication you use, whether prescription or over-the-counter, including herbal supplements, which you may have taken before undergoing a general anaesthetic.

The Process of Going Under General Anaesthetics

Administering general anaesthesia is not a painful procedure. Dentists use minimal sedation so the effects of the drugs are not severe as is the case with other types of surgery. Once you are administered the drug, you will become unconscious in a matter of minutes. You will be “under” for the duration of the procedure. However, the effects of general anaesthetics take several hours to wear off. Once you become conscious after the procedure, you may feel sleepy or drowsy. The effect may last for two or more hours or for the rest of the day.

We do not recommend driving home yourself after undergoing general anaesthetic treatment. You should have a friend or family member who can do this for you. Or contact the patient liaisons in our clinic to arrange a ride home if you prefer.

You may feel the effects of the general anaesthetic for at least 24 hours following the procedure. All effects will disappear soon afterward and you will go back to normal in no time.

Availability at Premium Dental Turkey

Premium Dental Turkey offers general anaesthetic treatments at our clinic in Antalya. The clinic has a highly qualified anaesthetist who will administer the drugs and oversee the procedure. You can discuss any concerns with your dentist and other professionals at the clinic.


Premium Dental Turkey Medical Reference | Written by Dr. Dt.Furkan Altinel & Ismail Kilic on 2018-03-19 15:09:53