Best Beaches in Antalya

Antalya the pearl of the Mediterranean coast is home to crystal clear, blue flag beaches. Thanks to warm climate through all year people enjoy sunshine and sea. The length of Antalya shore is 640km and there are hundreds of beautiful beaches and coasts located. Turkey has the 3rd most blue flag beaches of any country in the world and this means % 11 of the blue flag beaches is in Turkey. As one of the most visited cities in Europe, Antalya considered being the tourism capital of Turkey. Every year thousands of tourists visit Turkey to enjoy a remarkable holiday in Antalya. 

Lara Beach 

Lara Beach is a blue flag beach located in the centre of Antalya. If you prefer to spend your holiday in the centre of Antalya as thousand of tourist every year, without doubt, Lara beach is a must see. There are several different facilities along with the beach, therefore, you can enjoy the sun, crystal clear sea and the golden sands and also you can have lunch or you can enjoy summer cocktails and ice cream. There are public parts of the beach and the entrance to the beach is free to everybody. But most part of the beach belongs to hotels and only the hotel guests entitled to use. You should also visit the amazing sand castle exhibition where you can see the beautiful sculptures made of golden sands of Lara Beach. 

Konyaalti Beach 

Konyaalti Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Europe. There are several restaurants and walking trails along with the beach and this makes Konyaalti Beach an amazing choice for both tourists and local people all year. You can also join activities like parasailing, peddle boat, beach volley. With the beautiful view of Taurus Mountains, Konyaalti Beach is a perfect location to enjoy summer. 

Mermerli Beach 

Mermerli Beach is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Turkey. Ancient history and natural beauty meet in Mermerli Beach and creates a stunning location to swim, relax and enjoy life. While your back is leaning an ancient city castle, you can watch the boats in the ancient harbour. Start swimming in the emerald green sea and start to wonder the existence of the mighty cliffs. 

Kaputas Beach 

Another blue flag beach with turquoise sea and golden sands in Antalya, Kas. Every year thousands of tourists visit Antalya just for the privilege swimming this beautiful one of a kind beach. You can also enjoy the unforgettable view where the mountain and sea embrace each other. This natural wonder of the world is undoubtedly a must see in your visit to Turkey. 

Olympos Beach 

Olympos Beach is a travel destination most commonly for backpackers drown in tree houses along the coastline. Natural lifestyle and hostel type accommodations are much more popular in this area. You can also visit naturally flaming rocks and you can enjoy beautiful nature after your refreshing swimming session. 

Adrasan Beach 

Adrasan is a cove next to Olympos Beach and it is surrounded by the most amazing pine trees which make Adrasan a heaven on earth. You can also spend your holiday in tree houses or hostel type accommodations. Morning hikes in the Ancient Lycian way and watching the sunrise is another must try in Adrasan. You can witness the magnificent combination of blue and green. 

Cleopatra Beach 

Cleopatra Beach is located in Alanya the south-east of Antalya. According to ancient stories Cleopatra imported this legendary white silky sand only for herself from Egypt to this particular beach. According to the stories Egypt Queen Cleopatra and Roman Emperor  Antonius used to swim and share their forbidden love in this location. The entrance to the beach is free and if you would like to buy cold drinks or snacks there are restaurants around the beach. If you would like to enjoy the same luxury as Cleopatra did thousands of years ago, you should visit this wonderful beach. 

Topcam Beach 

Topcam beach is located on the south-west coast of Antalya and you can reach this beautiful beach after half an hour bus travel from the city centre. Beach is relatively not crowded according to other beaches in the city centre. There are pine trees around and mighty Toros Mountains will be watching you. There is also a diving point in this area and it is a popular location for yachts because of Sican Island. You can enjoy beautiful Sican Island view while you are swimming and it is almost inevitable to discuss whether you can swim to the island or not. What do you think? Can you? :) 

Phaselis Beach 

Phaselis Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey and stays hidden between pine trees and ancient Roman city ruins. During your exploration in the city ruins, well-preserved theatre, the dreamy smell of pine trees will accompany you to the turquoise sea. While you enjoy the beach you will imagine the traders shipped perfume, oil and timber to the Roman Empire but enjoy this beautiful sea. Phaselis beach also a perfect location for snorkelling because you can see the sunken ruins at the bottom of the sea. You should not expect well-developed facilities or sunbeds in this beach because it is mainly a historical site. Only essentials but no cocktail glasses with pineapples :)

Patara Beach 

Patara Beach is located in Kas and it is the widest beach in the northern Mediterranean with its 12-kilometre long golden sandy shore. As a part of national park, Patara beach is worth to visit because of the ancient ruins of Patara, biological diversity and of course the blue flag crystal clear sea. It is also the breeding area of endangered turtles, Caretta caretta. The beach is closed after sundown from May to October to provide the necessary dark, peaceful environment for turtles to lay their eggs on the beach. The region is very important because this beach is the second biggest nesting area of this endangered species.

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