Acidic Drinks Affect Your Teeth More Than You Think

Most of us dream of a confident, beautiful smile and of course if this is combined with travel and vacation, Turkey is one the best countries in the world that is famous with its touristic attractions & great weather, fantastic views; all of this accompanying one of the best dental treatment facilities and experienced dentists. Soft drinks is recognized by dentists and dieticians with its high carcinogenicity, due to the high sucrose level. Studies has revealed that the intake of one can of sugared soft drink every day for one year can lead to cavitation & especially if consumed between meals which leave you with high potential to dental caries. 

Usually caffeine is added to soft drinks for flavor, the combine of erosive acids, caffeine, sweeteners & sucrose not only increase the potential of dental caries but also cause dental erosion, which starts when soft drinks containing acids and caffeine touches the external tooth enamel attacking it gradually or maybe acute in young teeth or less calcified teeth , this enamel protects the tooth from outside and it has to be protected, as without it; teeth will be very sensitive to hot and cold stimuli, easily exposed to cavitation's and decay begins when the acids in soft drinks encounter the tooth enamel, which is the outermost protective layer on your teeth. Their effect is to reduce the surface hardness of the enamel.

 Usually, soft drinks continues its damaging effect to underlying dentin and maybe filling restorations, caffeine added to soft drinks also increases the secretion of gastric acid, thus decreasing salivary flow and decreasing the buffering effect the low ph affecting general oral health and the most terrible is affecting your smile. The best treatment is to stop drinking soft drinks but usually this hard to most of us specially if you are in vacation; so why don’t you relax and enjoy your travel and at the same time treat your teeth in Premium Dental Turkey's dental clinics.

Therefore you should follow the dental association guidelines for protecting your teeth from the effects of soft drinks by ; 

  • Minimizing your soft drinks and soda intake
  • Drinking using a straw to limit the exposure of teeth to acids 
  • Drinking fast, decrease the time of the damaging erosive contents inside mouth. 
  • Drinking water after finishing to act as buffering medium, stop the action of the remaining sugar and acids. 
  • Wait an hour before teeth brushing to ensure complete removal of erosive acid particles so as not to abrade teeth during brushing 
  • Last, you have to visit dental physician for checkup and early diagnosis. Dental travel in Turkey has become very famous nowadays, with its super high quality of care and reasonable affordability.

Premium Dental Turkey Medical Reference | Written by Dr. Dt.Furkan Altinel & Ismail Kilic on 2018-01-26 07:39:30